Nineteen-year-old Cherylyn says she has 17 credit cards, and all of them are “maxed out completely.” The teenager, who lives at home and acknowledges she isn’t currently working or going to school, says when the bills come in, “I just throw them away.”

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Her mother, Joey, claims Cherylyn has spent over $130,000 on extravagant purchases, is thousands of dollars in debt; stole her social security number to open up online gambling accounts, and pawned her heirloom jewelry.

Cherylyn, who denies stealing her mother’s social security number, claims it was given to her. She does admit to being about $25,000 in debt, and to selling her mother’s family heirlooms, which she says she knew were “priceless” to Joey.

Denying that she’s responsible for her debt, her over-spending, or her own behaviors, the teenager says it’s her mother’s fault that she’s spoiled. “I mean I blame her ‘cause I didn’t have to do anything, I didn’t have to clean my room, didn’t have to do my laundry, I didn’t have any chores – was never disciplined.”

As Cherylyn and Joey sit down with Dr. Phil on Wednesday’s episode, she tells him her mother “needs to stop playing the victim.” When Dr. Phil asks what she means, Cherylyn responds, “She grew me up … didn’t she?” How does Cherylyn say she reacts when her boyfriend, Taylor, refuses to give her money? And why does Taylor say he’s stuck with her for the last four years?

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Nearly $25,000 In Debt, Why A Teenager Blames Mom For Her Out Of Control Spending