Georgia teenager Calah Waskow disappeared from her parents’ home in December 2016, allegedly abducted by Jason Johnson, the 37 year old father of a friend. She was found safe in a candy store in Tennessee with Johnson after a five-day manhunt.

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In the video above, Nora Waskow says she first discovered her daughter was missing when she got up to check on her in the in the middle of the night. “Sometimes she’ll be up late, talking on the phone; (you know) and she goes to school, so I have to make sure that she gets her rest.”

But Calah says she’d been skipping school for some time; she says Johnson “would pick me up at the neighborhood behind the school.” She says Johnson wasn’t working at the time and she would go to Johnson’s home during the school day to have sex with him.

Jason Johnson now faces several charges in the case - including aggravated child molestation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

How does this 15-year-old high school student claims she entered into a sexual relationship with a man more than twice her age? Calah opens up about how she says her “relationship” with Johnson came to be in her exclusive interview on Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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