“My wife, Rebecca, is ruthlessly honest, and she’s been honest with me from day one,” says actor Terry Crews, admitting there were times he didn’t listen. The 49-year-old former NFL linebacker says he nearly lost his marriage eight years ago, after confessing to both infidelity and an addiction to porn.

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“I really felt that I was more valuable than my family simply because I was a man. And so, that shuts you off from a lot of empathy,” says the star of TV’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” adding, “A lot of people don’t realize how valuable it is to have one person in your life that’s going to tell you the truth about yourself.”

Admitting she became bitter during the time they were dealing with the problems in their marriage, Rebecca credits Terry with helping her to heal.

‘He allowed me to vent. You know, if I had to talk about it, if I had to bring it up, if I had to cry, if I had to ask another question - he bore with that,” she says, adding, “He said, ‘If you want to throw a pot at me, you can throw a pot at me, but I’m not going to lose you because you mean that much to me.’”

Terry Crews went public in late 2017 with accusations he was sexually assaulted in February 2016 by an entertainment industry executive. What does the couple say their biggest fear was following his Twitter accusation?

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