The Church of Wells, a religious group with roughly 80 members located in the rural East Texas town of Wells, has long been accused of brainwashing its members and forcing to sever ties with their families, claims the Church of Wells strongly denies.

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Ordained minister and street-preacher, Jordan Reichenberger, spent five days with the Church in late 2016.

Jordan alleges that he was drugged while he was there and witnessed church elders aggressively preaching to others before friends and family showed up to take him home.

In the video above, he describes the day Jordan’s brother, Ian, and others turned up to the Church’s property to help bring him home.

Tune in to part one of this two-part Dr. Phil exclusive on Friday to learn what Ian says was the family’s “secret weapon” they used to help Jordan to leave the church’s property with them.

Then, in the conclusion on Monday, hear from Patty and Andy Grove, the parents of Catharine Grove, who claim their daughter was indoctrinated by the Church of Wells more than three years ago.

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Mom Claims Son’s Brief Stay With Controversial Religious Group ‘Was More Than Just Mind Control And Manipulation’