On Oct. 31, 2016, ordained minister, Jordan Reichenberger disappeared from downtown Austin, Texas while engaging in street ministry.

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“It’s when I first encountered members of the Church of Wells and we started talking,” he says, adding, “They said, ‘hey, we’re doing what you’re doing. We’re following Jesus. Do you want to go with us?’ And I said, sure. So, I agreed to head out to Wells. It seemed like I was with people who were really out there to make a difference.”

Continuing, he says, “As we drove through the night out to Wells, they began to just kind of preach and preach. It was just relentless onslaught to the point where the words that he was saying didn’t even make sense anymore.”

Meanwhile, Jordan’s family says they’d been searching for him and had uncovered clues pointing to his whereabouts. Three days after he disappeared they received confirmation that Jordan was staying at the Church of Wells when he called them from the organization’s property. Two days after that, he says, they convinced him to leave.

“It was absolutely a miracle without a shadow of a doubt that I’m here to talk to you today,” Jordan says in part one of a two-part Dr. Phil exclusive airing Friday. “Because people don’t just walk out of that place in the middle of the day. People go there and are not heard from again.”

What else does Jordan claim he experienced while staying at the Church of Wells?

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Preacher Claims Church Of Wells 'Tried To Demonize My Family'