“Shortly after Amie and I spoke with Dr. Phil, she allegedly faked her own death,” says Courtney about her former friend. “It should come as no surprise to me because she’s literally faked her own children’s deaths.”

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When Courtney appeared on Dr. Phil, she accused Amie of faking pregnancies and babies’ death, stating that she never saw any proof that Amie was pregnant or had babies who died. Amie insisted she was not lying about any of her pregnancies or babies’ deaths and wanted Courtney to back off and stop making a mockery of her lost children’s lives.

WATCH: Woman Accused Of Faking Pregnancies And Babies' Deaths Storms Off Dr. Phil’s Stage

In the video above, hear about a text message a Dr. Phil staff member received claiming that Amie was dead.

On Thursday’s episode, will Amie return to the show? See what happens. Check here to see where you can watch.

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What Happened To Woman Accused Of Faking Pregnancies And Babies’ Deaths?