Tom says his 22-year-old son, Tommy, has never developed the skill to tolerate social conflict. “If you don’t agree with him and the way that he thinks, he wants to punish you for it,” he claims.


Tom, who describes Tommy as always being “a little quirky and a little off,” also claims his son “has always been aggressive.”

Tommy’s mother, Margaret, says he was a good kid growing up but claims he’s now “volatile, impulsive, angry and confrontational.”

On Monday’s episode., Dr. Phil takes a look at Tommy’s reported history with pharmaceuticals. Pointing out that his family reports he was prescribed upwards of 50 medications for behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues since the age of five. Dr. Phil tells Tom and Margaret, “That is absolutely obscene.”

“The evidence is very clear,” he continues. “When you put a young child on poly-pharmacy, for even a short period of time, let alone across years - it changes their brain to the point that you dysregulate their ability to inhibit anger.”

Tommy claims his parents both favored his older brother and verbally abused him from the time he was a child. How do they respond?

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