Liz claims her daughter, Morgan, is addicted to Adderall. She says when Morgan takes more than the prescribed amount, her conversations can be incoherent, and she has claimed she hears angels speaking to her.

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Morgan is adamant that she only takes the prescribed amount and is not addicted.

In the video above, Dr. Phil learns that Morgan started taking the amphetamine when she was in college to help her with school work, and that she recently has sold her medication and purchased more of it on the streets.

WATCH: Woman Claims Daughter Is Addicted To Adderall and Exhibits Unusual Behaviors
“That’s criminal behavior,” Dr. Phil tells Morgan. “You’re dealing drugs.”
In the video above, Dr. Phil reads some of the text messages from Morgan’s cell phone trying to get ahold of Adderall. How does she respond?
On Tuesday’s episode, will Morgan decide that she needs help? Check here to see where you can watch.