Divorced four years ago after 18 years of marriage, Marcus claims his ex-wife Niki cheated on him during their marriage, which she adamantly denies.

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Marcus, who currently has physical custody of their five children admits he’s said negative things about Niki to their children, meant to influence them against her.

“I’ve said that she was sleeping around, that she was [expletive] crazy,” he says, revealing that he does it to get them to choose him over their mom. “That’s how I win life,” he concludes.

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The former couple’s teenage daughters, Sadie, Skylar, and Zoe claim their mother is a “gold digger” and chooses to spend time with her new boyfriend, John, over spending time with them, claims their mother denies.

On Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil sends Lisa Nichols, a six-time bestselling author and transformational coach best known for her appearance in the documentary film, The Secret, to meet with Marcus and his teenage daughters, Sadie, Skylar and Zoe in their home.

“She’s looking for a better family,” claims Sadie, when Lisa shows the sisters a photograph of Niki on vacation with John and his son.

“And she’s happy without us,” says Zoe, adding “I can’t even stand to look at that man.”

When Lisa meets with Niki, what does she reveal about her relationship with John that she admits she’s been keeping a secret from her children?

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