Susan, Gabby, and Kalie say they each spent over a year as teenagers at Hephzibah House boarding school, and they claim the experience still haunts them to this day. The women claim they were forced to do manual labor, were humiliated in front of others, and Susan and Gabby claim they were spanked with a paddle. 

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Gabby describes what she says happened during the spankings in the video above. “It was just done as more of a ‘We’re going to show you, even now, how much power we have over you,’” Gabby claims. “It’s just going to humiliate you.”

WATCH: ‘The Spankings Were Nonstop,’ Claims Woman Who Worked At Hephzibah House Christian Boarding School
Also, hear from Lucinda, another former student, who says she had a different experience with spankings. And, Dr. Phil weighs in with his thoughts.

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Pastor Ron Williams respectfully declined the opportunity to participate in this Dr. Phil episode. He adamantly denies that there is any abuse in this boarding school. Click here to read the Hephzibah House full response to the allegations.