Michelle says she is at her wits’ end with her 22-year-old grandson, Conner, who she calls lazy and claims has “failed to launch.” Michelle says Conner, who has lived with her for over a year, plays video games for hours on end, refuses to regularly shower, clean his room, or even change his clothes. He has also never met his girlfriend of five years in person because, according to Michelle, “That would involve having to leave the house.”

Conner adamantly denies his grandmother’s claims. He insists that while he is currently unemployed, he has worked in the past, and that his hygiene is much better than she claims. Conner says that Michelle is overreacting and that at 22, he “shouldn’t have life figured out.”

Dr. Phil arranges for Conner to have a one-on-one session with life development coach Mike Bayer but what happens following the session that leads Coach Mike to conclude that Conner isn’t ready to accept his help?

“50% of the solution is defining the problem,” says Dr. Phil in The Bubble Over My Head. Watch the video above as he and Coach Mike discuss Conner’s situation and Coach Mike’s newest book, “One Decision: The First Step to a Better Life.”

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Mike Bayer is a life development coach and Founder and CEO of CAST Centers. His latest book, “One Decision: The First Step to a Better Life,” is available now, everywhere books are sold. Check here to find out how you can order.

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