Anna Lisa insists her daughter, Amanda, will never regain custody of her children as long as she remains engaged to Alexis. She’s accusing Alexis of abusing her daughter, cheating on her, encouraging her to use drugs, and being completely unable to provide a stable home for Amanda and their two children.

Amanda and Alexis adamantly deny all of Anna Lisa’s claims, but Amanda does admit she’s made mistakes when it comes to caring for her children and says she’s ready to do whatever it takes to get them back. Alexis claims that Anna Lisa hates him and insists she is purposely trying to sabotage his relationship with Amanda and their kids.

“These are children raising children,” says Dr. Phil in The Bubble Over My Head. Watch the video above to hear what he says about the “emotional age” of this couple and why he says they may be experiencing “arrested development.”

Plus, how does Dr. Phil respond to an audience member who asks, “What’s something that you have learned throughout your career that you wish you would have known as a new professional in the field?” His answer may surprise you!

Accusations of Drugs, Abuse and Child Neglect: Will Amanda and Alexis Stay Together? airs Tuesday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

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