Krystal says she is trying to work through the trauma she sustained stemming from a sexual assault when she was 23. She insists that she is doing “healing work,” but her sister, Lacey, claims that Krystal is on a downward spiral due to drug and alcohol use. Krystal admits she has relied “heavily” on drugs and alcohol for the past three-and-a-half years, but claims she is now getting her life together.

The sisters’ mother, Eileen, admits that she is an “enabler” who has spent over $100,000 to support Krystal financially. Claiming that Krystal’s mental health is “very unstable” and that she “cannot handle normal life,” Eileen says there are no plans to stop helping her daughter.

“We have power if we just use it. We just don’t use it enough. We indulge ourselves too much,” says Dr. Phil in The Bubble Over My Head.

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