Brittany says she and her identical twin sister, Erica, at one time, both battled severe alcohol addiction. Brittany says she has been sober for over a year but claims that Erica is still drinking and “lucky to be alive” after, by her count, 30 hospitalizations and 14 comas as a result of consuming alcohol and ingesting cleaning supplies, bug repellent, and a variety of drugs.

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Erica admits she is dependent on alcohol and other substances and says she was recently admitted to the psychiatric ward of a hospital when she was found in a hotel room after drinking bottles of hand sanitizer. She says she’s tired of living this way but just can’t seem to quit.

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“She’s just cheating death,” says Dr. Phil in The Bubble Over My Head. Watch the video above to find out why he says he needed “leverage” to get Erica to commit to going into treatment.

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