Laurie says she’s at her breaking point and claims she would rather be homeless than live another minute in the hoard that is her father, John’s, home. She claims that nearly every room in the house is filled to the ceiling with “junk,” that there is pet waste everywhere, that they have a bed bug infestation, and that every year the problem just gets “worse and worse.”

“I think that she would rather complain about my mess than help me do anything about it,” says John, who admits he has a “minor” hoarding problem.

John insists that most of what Laurie calls “junk” is just clutter and claims that she is just as messy as he is - but that she refuses to help him clean up.

“The mess and the clutter is overwhelming to me. I’m not just going to toss everything away like my daughter would like me to do,” says John.

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When Dr. Phil says, “I’m just curious why you’re willing to settle for this standard of living,” how does John respond?

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