Brian and Elizabeth are exes at war. He claims Elizabeth is a liar and an unstable and unfit mother, and the only reason she got physical custody of their 14-year-old is because she conspired with his ex-girlfriend to file false charges against him. Elizabeth accuses Brian of being “evil” and “brainwashing” their 14-year-old son against her. And, she claims Brian told the teen that she wanted to abort him when she was pregnant.

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Brian admits that he did discuss Elizabeth’s comments with their son after the teen found a box containing the arbitration documents. “When he asked me about it, then I did elaborate on what was in it, because it did say she wished she would have had an abortion and other things,” Brian tells Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode. “He is old enough to know what’s really going on. If I had not explained, he might have had worse thoughts. My son has lived through it; he doesn’t need me to tell him. He’s been there.”

“I very much disagree with that,” Dr. Phil tells Brian. “I think that is building a case, leveraging against her in your favor.”

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When Brian asks Dr. Phil, “What do you do when a child asks you about it?” Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words with the dad. Watch their exchange in the video above.

Can these parents learn to co-parent in peace? And what does their 14-year-old say? Check here to see where you can watch Friday’s episode.

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Watch A Conversation Between A Mom And Her Teen Who She Claims Is Being Brainwashed Against Her By His Dad