Jeremy is accusing his wife, Kelly, of poisoning him with borax, starting about a year ago. That’s when, he says, he began experiencing excruciating pain all over his body, and developed other symptoms including headaches, blurred vision, rashes, and the urgent need to urinate.  

In the video above, Jeremy claims Kelly put the substance in his doughnuts, hot chocolate - and in his favorite soda. And, he claims she began urging him to eat, even when he said he wasn't hungry.  "She wanted a reason to feed me, so she could put borax in it.."

But when Jeremy says he sought medical help and told his doctor’s what he believed Kelly was doing to him “The doctors wouldn’t believe what was going on.”

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Jeremy says that’s when he started saving his urine in bottles. “The bottles are really dark, and literally - there’s all this white sediment that settled to the bottom of the bottles,” Jeremy says he believes the sediment is borax.


Kelly adamantly denies poisoning Jeremy and claims his urine and blood work prove he doesn’t have borax in his system.

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Man Claims Wife Is Poisoning Him. She Claims He’s 'Paranoid, Depressed And Delusional'