Concert-goers, authorities, and others are raising questions after hundreds were injured and ten people died from injuries sustained during a performance by rapper and musician Travis Scott at the Astroworld Festival in Houston on November 5, 2021. Some blame concert organizers and promoters, some blame the artist, who continued to perform well into the mass casualty event. Still, others say local police share the blame for not insisting that the outdoor concert end sooner.

“I think the first thing that needs to be fixed is the size of crowds that go into these events,” says Thomas J. Henry, a Houston-based attorney who says he is representing over 300 Festival attendees. “The second thing that needs to be repaired is the communication and understanding – when an event like this is unfolding – when to make the decision to call the event and shut it down.”

Watch the video above to hear what else the attorney says should have happened to prevent the casualties at Astroworld.

And later, the organizers and promoters of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival released a public statement following the mass casualty event of November 5. What did they say?

Tune in to Thursday’s episode, “Trampled and Traumatized: Astroworld Aftermath,” to hear Dr. Phil speak with eye-witnesses, survivors, and others who also say the Astroworld tragedy could have been prevented.

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