Rescued after being allegedly kidnapped by a suspected serial killer and spending more than two months locked in a metal storage container, Kala Brown continues to tell her story of captivity.

She claims her alleged abductor hoped she would one day fall in love with him. Inside her fight to survive and her dramatic rescue.

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Woman Claims Alleged Kidnapper Told Her: ‘As Long As I Served My Purpose I Was Safe’

Woman Who Was Allegedly Kidnapped By Suspected Serial Killer: ‘I Knew I Was Being Looked For’

Woman Claims Alleged Abductor Hoped She Would Fall In Love With Him

Kala Brown Claims Alleged Abductor Made Shocking Confessions To Her

How Woman Who Claims She Was Kidnapped Says She Stood Up To Alleged Captor

How Alleged Kidnap Victim Claims She Gained Control Over Captor

Kala Brown Describes Her Dramatic Rescue After Two Months In Captivity

Kala Brown’s Message For Suspected Serial Killer Who Allegedly Abducted Her

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