Danielle’s mom, Barbara Ann, said she was in constant conflict with her daughter. She claimed the adolescent was a lying, provocative teenager who stole cars and credit cards, physically attacked her, and was a serial runaway.

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But that was before the mother and daughter visited Dr. Phil, and Danielle’s subsequent stay at Turn-About Ranch in Utah, where she learned accountability, responsibility, teamwork, and leadership skills.
“I just feel OK with who I am now,” said Danielle while still in the residential program for troubled teens. Both ranch staff and Danielle’s family remarked on the progress she’d made.

As part of her daughter’s aftercare protocol, Barbara Ann worked with the transition team at Turn-About Ranch to learn how to set boundaries and model consistency in order to help Danielle successfully sustain the positive behaviors she had learned in treatment.

“The minute we left the ranch she started to test me,” says Barbara Ann, adding, “Danielle is not in school right now. She’s sleeping all day, and she’s up all night.” She says Danielle isn’t cooking, cleaning her room, or living up to her end of the contract she made with her mom when she came back home.

“Honestly – I have to pick my battles with Danielle,” says Barbara Ann, who claims her daughter has resumed some of her previous behaviors. She qualifies the assertion saying, “It’s not that much of a deal, compared to stealing my car or running away.”

Danielle captivated millions with her unique way of talking and outrageous behaviors when she appeared on Dr. Phil in 2016. She became an internet sensation when she coined a sassy catchphrase first uttered on the show – “Cash me ousside, howbow dah.”

Barbara Ann claims since returning home, the teen is constantly on her phone. She admits to granting Danielle unrestricted access to the device, even though that was supposed to be an earned privilege. “Without her being in school … what else is she gonna do? She’ll drive me nuts!”

“People criticize me and say I’m a bad mom. Whether Dr. Phil or anybody thinks I’m right or wrong, I always say – step in my shoes and tell me how you could handle it any differently.”

Is Danielle returning to her old behaviors, or is she just testing boundaries? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil. Click here to see where you can watch.

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