When Carrie separated from her husband -- due to her excessive drinking and lack of parenting -- she says she had no money and nowhere to live, so her parents, Carolyn and Charlie, allowed her to move home. However, they demanded that their 48-year-old daughter follow one specific rule.

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“We’ve been very clear with her. We’ve told her if we catch her drinking, we’re taking her to the homeless shelter,” Carolyn says. “She tells me she hasn’t been drinking.”

“We’ve told her flat out that if we catch her drinking, it’s a deal breaker,” Charlie adds.

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The parents, who admit they’ve given Carrie about $12,000, say Carrie doesn’t have a job, is not looking for a job and that she lays on her bed and watches TV all day.

“My husband and I, at this point, are very frustrated with Carrie,” says Carolyn. “My fear is that she will never get her act together.”

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Is Carrie abiding by her parents rule? See what she confesses on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Check here to see where you can watch.

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