At the end of the day, are you too tired to cook? Do you have kids who are eagerly awaiting dinner after a long day?
Dr. Phil’s son Jay McGraw has partnered with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to help solve this problem. Enter Tiller & Hatch, a new brand of frozen pressure cooker meals that are nutritious, easy-to-cook, and affordable -- perfect for a quick dinner that a family of five can enjoy for just $12 a meal!

On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil is joined by Alisha, a single mother of four who commutes 140 miles a day for work and says she’s so exhausted when she gets home, she doesn’t have the energy to cook. Brandi Milloy, a spokesperson for Tiller & Hatch, also joins with a solution for Alisha.

“Tiller & Hatch, not only are they easy to prepare; they’re super delicious,” Brandi says. “These are chef-developed recipes that are packed with plenty of vegetables. Every single bag feeds four-to-five people.”
Learn more about Tiller & Hatch frozen meals in the video above, as Dr. Phil and Alisha sample some of the meals that can be cooked in as little as 15 minutes in a pressure cooker. 
All the Tiller & Hatch Frozen foods are available at Walmart, or order at, and the frozen meals will be delivered to your front door.