Bronwyn is in a contentious custody battle with Brett, the father of her daughter, Bella. Bronwyn claims Brett, who wasn’t in their daughter’s life for the first four years, “stole” the little girl from her when he showed up with sheriffs at her daycare and took Bella. Now, Bronwyn claims Brett speaks negatively about her to Bella and is “systematically erasing” her from the 6-year-old's life.

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Brett claims Bronwyn is a “danger to everybody she comes in contact with.” He claims Bronwyn was trying to keep Bella from him, so that’s when he says he went to court to get custody rights. He claims that Bronwyn denied subpoenas and lied to law enforcement, which Bronwyn denies, and he was given physical custody.

When Bronwyn and her boyfriend, Justin, face-off with Brett and his girlfriend, Sarah, on Dr. Phil’s stage, sparks fly – and Dr. Phil is forced to shut everyone down numerous times.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil makes clear that he is warning the parents what may happen if they continue to behave as they are.

“You are belligerent, my friend, and you are self-righteous because you think you are fighting a good fight for your daughter,” he says to Brett. “You’re throwing her under the bus, and shame on you for doing it.”

Dr. Phil continues to both parents, “The prize is not the possession of the child; the prize is the progression of the child.”

Watch more in the video above.

On Thursday’s episode, will Bronwyn and Brett decide to end their fighting and put Bella’s needs first? You won’t believe what happens. Check here to see where you can watch.

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