Have you been tired? Moody? Or, do you have a low libido? You may be unbalanced – and the mother-daughter team at Your Hormone Balance is on a mission to end that!
Ryan Burch, Candace Burch, and Jess Suchan join the I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw podcast to talk about the hidden symptoms of hormone imbalance that are often ignored. They explain why saliva testing is important and why so many blood tests come back clear when there is actually an issue. Find out the five main hormones that we all need to be testing and how you can do an audit of yourself to see if something feels off. Plus, learn about diet, bioidentical hormones, and homeopathic solutions to start feeling like you again.

“You don’t know you’re hormonally imbalanced until your hormones are balanced,” Robin says.
This is a must-listen if you've ever felt like something was just a bit "off."
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