Jim and Karen are at odds with their 31-year-old son, Kyle. They claim he is violent and a mooch who depends on them for all of his basic needs. They say they’ve tried to kick him out of their house multiple times and have filed a restraining order against him and had him arrested for criminal trespassing, but say Kyle still hasn’t moved out of their home.


Kyle says it’s his parents’ fault for the situation he’s in. He says they haven’t helped him enough to get back on his feet from the hole he claims they put him in.

After Jon Taffer, author of the new book, “Don’t ******** Yourself, Crush The Excuses That Are Holding You Back” and star of the popular TV show “Bar Rescue” and co-host of the new show “Face The Truth,” explains to the family how they are using excuses to justify their behavior, Dr. Phil offers them advice.

“The time’s going to come where you are going to have to rely on yourself; it might as well be now,” Dr. Phil tells Kyle. “All the problems and obstacles that you have, they just become a to-do list.”

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To Jim and Karen, he says, “You absolutely have to stop, unplug and disassociate yourself from the pattern you’ve had of allowing him to be dependent on you to the point that he can’t deal with the real world.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil lays out a plan for Kyle and his parents. Will they agree to follow it? Check here to see where you can watch Tuesday’s episode.

"Face The Truth" is executive produced by Dr. Phil McGraw and his son, Jay.

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