Forty years ago, over 900 followers of the Reverend Jim Jones died at the Peoples Temple Agriculture Project, also known as Jonestown in a remote area of Guyana. Reportedly, many of the dead voluntarily drank cyanide-laced fruit punch, while others were forced into ingesting the drink, injected with the poison, or shot.

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John, a member of Jones’s trusted circle, says he was born into the Peoples Temple sect in 1960, that his family was “very close” to Jones, and that he was in Guyana in 1978 on the cult leader’s personal security detail.

WATCH ‘I Felt Trapped In Jonestown,’ Says Survivor Of 1978 Massacre

It was there at the Jonestown settlement that John claims he personally witnessed Jones’s acts of fraud, fake healings, physical and sexual abuse of followers, increasing substance abuse and his “rapid unraveling” firsthand.

“Jim Jones became a prisoner of Jonestown. He clearly did not want to be there,” says John, adding, “He was heavily on drugs – very paranoid.”

John says he was away from the settlement on the day the Jonestown Massacre occurred and lost 11 immediate family members in the tragedy. Why does he claim that had he been there, he could have prevented it from happening?

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is the author of “Undaunted: Surviving Jonestown, Summoning Courage, and Fighting Back.”

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