Alexandria and Anastasia were driving on a winding highway in Hawaii, when their car plunged 200 feet down a cliff. Alexandria was driving, and Anastasia was killed.

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The twin sisters, who were known for their dynamic personalities and troubles with the law, were allegedly engaged in a heated argument when their car plunged off the cliff.

For the first time since her sister’s death and since a judge ruled it was an accident and not murder, Alexandria speaks out about the accident, their relationship and her struggles to move forward.

WATCH: Woman Accused Of Killing Twin Sister In Car Crash Recalls What Happened Before Accident

“The truth will set you free,” he says to Alexandria, encouraging her to be honest about what happened in the car before the accident. “Your sister didn’t have a bad intent, not one percent in her body. She did not mean you ill. She did not mean herself ill will. There’s nothing to be ashamed of for her. You’ve already forgiven her.”

In the video above, Alexandria shares what she would tell her sister if she could speak to her again.

This exclusive interview airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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