Maryann and Luis say they love each other and want to get married. However, they also say their relationship is filled with arguing and accusations of cheating.

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Maryann claims when she met Luis, he told her he was a millionaire and could give her anything she wanted. However, she says six months into their relationship, she learned he was still married. She claims he has cheated on her throughout their relationship and has been verbally abusive – which Luis denies – and one night she snapped and shot him.

Luis says he only cheated on Maryann after she shot him. He claims she has a temper, has attacked him and snoops on him.

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After hearing their sides of the story and watching them bicker, Dr. Phil shares his thoughts.

“Each of you deny everything,” he says. “The two of you have defined a relationship here where you thrive on drama … You have become addicted to the dysfunction, the toxicity of this relationship to the point that you have lost your way of what is healthy, what is normal, and what each of you deserve.”

Hear more in the video above. Is there hope for this relationship? Hear what Dr. Phil thinks on Thursday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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