Brenda, her husband, Richard, and her ex-husband, David, say they have spent over $100,000 on rehab, legal fees and caring for 29-year-old Tyler, who has been using heroin for the past 10 years.

Brenda says Tyler is a charming, intelligent college graduate, and talented musically and athletically -- all things Tyler admits to using to his advantage when scheming to get money for the next hit.

Tyler’s ex-girlfriend Samantha recently kicked him out, saying until he can get clean, he has no place in their 5-month-old daughter’s life. How many times has Brenda bailed Tyler out of trouble – and why does she do it? Does Tyler want to change?

And, is he to blame for this desperate family’s situation? Watch Dr. Phil get to the bottom of this family’s decade-long dysfunction.

How a Mom Who Has Bailed Son out of Jail 13 Times Is Enabling Him

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A Look Inside The Brain Of A 29-Year-Old Drug User

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