Miranda says her mother has been obsessed with looking like a stripper since her husband of 26 years confessed that he had been to a strip club on two occasions more than a decade ago. The 19-year-old claims that for the last two years, her mother, Marianne, would rather spend money to transform her appearance than pay for Miranda’s education --  and encourages Miranda to wear tight clothes and show off her body.

“Ever since my mom found out my dad went to the strip club 15 years ago, she’s made obsessive changes to her body:  cutting her hair, dying her hair, getting a large back tattoo, [she] started drinking, getting plastic surgery,” Miranda says. “She’s really freaking out. She’s way obsessive over it. Every day, it seems to get worse.”

The teen says that her mother even talked her into getting breast implants and encouraged her to get a large size. “My mom has taught me that big boobs and sex is what [men are] looking for, not education,” Miranda says. “She says to get big boobs and to have a lot of sex because if you don’t, that your loved one will end up leaving you.”

Worried that her mother’s behavior is unhealthy and out of control, Miranda turns to Dr. Phil for help.

“Did she tell you to give your boyfriend as much sex as he wants, or he will look elsewhere?” Dr. Phil asks Miranda in the video above. “And she wanted you to have this plastic surgery, because ‘that’s what men want’?”

“Yes,” Miranda replies.

Dr. Phil asks Marianne, “What are you telling her?”

“Be a whore,” Miranda interjects.

“She wasn’t having sex with her boyfriend, and he’s, like, 21,” Marianne says. “If you don’t give them something, they probably will wander.”

Dumfounded, Dr. Phil asks Marianne, “Are you insane? … You have a beautiful, intelligent daughter here, and you’re telling her to go give up her body so some guy will have a playground?”

“No, I didn’t say that,” Marianne replies. “I said a balance.”

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