Tamara says nothing is more important to her than looking perfect. The 17-year-old claims she spends $7,000 a month maintaining her hair, skin, eyebrows, and wardrobe -- and even has her own glam squad that comes to her house three to four times a week.

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The teen, who lives in Beverly Hills, CA without her parents, says her obsession with perfection takes a lot of effort and caused her to stop going to public school.

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“One of the reasons is because it would take me a while to get ready every morning. Like, I would literally have to wake up three hours before, when school starts at 7,” Tamara tells Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode, adding that she typically spends at least two hours getting ready to leave the house – even if she’s just going to the gym or grocery store.

Hear Dr. Phil’s response in the video above. And, he asks Tamara, “What if you don’t look perfect in front of people every day?” How does she respond?

On Monday’s episode, hear more about Tamara’s lavish lifestyle – and why her mother says she’s so concerned. Check here to see where you can watch.

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