“There are times that I am physically afraid of my daughter,” claims Theresa who says she has lost control of 16-year-old, Tessa. She claims the teenager has set the house on fire, attacked family members and has run away, repeatedly. Theresa claims Tessa left home in July so she could be with a boy she met online

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Tessa insists she’s not a bad kid and that the problem lies with her mother’s parenting. She says she left home because Theresa kicked her out of her bedroom so that she could rent it to “a greasy old man.” 

WATCH Grandma Claims Teen Physically Attacked Her 

Theresa says everyone blames her for being a bad mother to Tessa, who she claims is manipulative and out of control. Tessa says, she doesn’t think her mom should have had kids “if she wasn’t going to take the responsibility of being a parent.”

“This situation is going to get a whole lot better because you can’t fall off the floor,” Dr. Phil assures the pair.

WATCH Family Questions Mom’s Parenting Of 16-Year-Old

Does he have a solution to help Theresa and Tessa mend their broken relationship?  

Watch a recap of Thursday’s episode above, then tune in Friday for the conclusion this two-part episode. 

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