Michelle says she and her husband, Rod, started having babies when she was just 18. After 29 years of marriage, they now have a dozen children and one on the way.

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“My mom was pretty much always pregnant or nursing,” says the couple’s second oldest, Iron Rod, 26, of growing up in a large household.

WATCH With 12 Kids And One On The Way, Mom Admits: ‘The Chaos Is Taking Over’

River, 22, says, “There was always someone begging for my mom’s attention.”

Michelle and Rod’s kids say that their mother spends too much time recording videos for her YouTube channel while their father works three jobs to pay the bills, leaving no time for them.

“I don’t think my parents should have any more children after this one and they should focus on the ones they already have,” says Sunshine in the video above.

Do Michelle and Rod say they’re done having kids? Plus, find out why Michelle says she’s come close to divorcing Rod in the past.

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