Tiffany and Sheka say they both believed their mutual ex-boyfriend, Erik, was a millionaire, a former NFL player, a helicopter pilot and a widower raising two sons when they met him.

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“He told me his ex-wife was killed by a drunk driver, and that wasn’t true,” says Sheka, adding, “And, he told me he was a wonderful father, and that wasn’t true either.”

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Erik’s ex-wife, Martha, is alive and has custody of their two children.

“There’s not a lick of truth in anything he told me,” claims Tiffany.

Erik admits he lied to Tiffany and Sheka, and several other women as well.

When the two women sit down to compare notes what other common lies do they discover Erik told them?

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Why The Ex-Wife Of An Admitted Liar Claims He’s A Trustworthy Person