Paul says when his wife, Alaska, who has been a successful realtor, approached him with the idea to start a cuddling website, he supported her 100 percent. He says that she presented him with some research, and he believed, as she said, the site could help people who suffered from PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

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However, five months ago, Paul says he started to question his wife’s actual involvement in the website. Paul says Alaska told him she was not going to be a cuddler, she was just connecting cuddlers and those who are looking for affection. But when he saw her marketing pictures and learned she had a secret profile on the site, he started to question her role in the business.

“These photos destroyed me when I first saw this is what was going out and how she was marketing the business,” Paul says, referring to a provocative photo of Alaska. “I was just like, ‘The thing you told me in the beginning, this is to help people, you know. It was all just fairly moderate.'”

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“These are provocative pictures. These are suggestive, sexual pictures meant to stimulate, right? And, they did,” Dr. Phil says. “You started seeing messages coming in from men, right?”

Paul confirms. “All of a sexual nature, every single one of them. ‘I want to take you to dinner. Can we have sex?’” he recalls.

How does Paul say Alaska responded when he asked her about the pictures? And, is she cuddling men? Watch more in the video above and on Wednesday’s episode. And on Thursday, find out what angered Alaska during the taping. Check here to see where you can watch.

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