Danielle says ever since she was a child, she’s felt like she’s been treated differently “because of the medications I’ve had to take; the therapy sessions I’ve had to go to.”

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Danielle’s mom, Lora, says when her daughter was 7, Danielle told her she heard voices. Lora claims a psychiatrist diagnosed her daughter with bipolar disorder, anger disorder, and OCD.

Her father, David, says more recently, he took her to see a psychiatrist who he claims told him Danielle may suffer from another type of disorder.

“They always told me I just had an overactive imagination,” says Danielle. The 21-year-old, who admits to self-harm and violent rages, says she is currently self-medicating with marijuana and alcohol. In part two of a two-part Dr. Phil episode airing Tuesday, Dr. Phil refers Danielle to Origins Behavioral Healthcare, saying “I don’t know what is going on but we need to find out.”

Does she agree to go?

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