Frankie says he and his ex-wife, Karen, had 10 babies in 10 years and claims she placed eight of them for adoption without his knowledge. Karen was arrested in 1992 and spent 30 months in prison for mail fraud and wire fraud. She was accused of scamming would-be adoptive parents out of thousands of dollars by promising them her unborn babies in exchange for financial support.

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WATCH ‘You Knew These Babies Were Being Marketed,’ Says Dr. Phil To Man Who Claims He Had No Knowledge Of Adoption Scam

Their youngest child, Ava, says even though she was raised by Frankie, she still has a lot of anger and resentment towards her father, and not just because several of her older siblings were adopted by other families. She claims Frankie molested her starting at age 5.

“If I wanted to get permission to do anything, to go out and play or join the basketball team, I had to agree to perform sexual acts on my father,” she claims.

Ava says she finally got the courage to go to the police when she was 12 but didn’t testify against her father, saying “I just couldn’t do it. I was too scared of him. They couldn’t convict him without my testimony, so he went free.” She says she just wants Frankie to acknowledge the abuse.

“That didn’t happen,” says Frankie, when Ava confronts him on Friday’s episode.

How does Ava respond when Frankie denies her allegations?

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‘I Don’t Know If You Dreamt It, Or Whatever, But That Did Not Happen’ Says Man Who Denies Molesting His