After 10 months of sobriety, Jerica, a recovering addict says she was recently triggered to use drugs again following a confrontation with her ex-husband’s new wife, Kim. “I did some benzos and some meth.”

Jerica says the argument erupted over some disturbing claims Kim made about her son’s behaviors, and Jerica’s request to see the boy’s medical records. Kim and Kody say they sent their son to a residential psychiatric treatment center after he tried to hurt his baby brother.

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“They dropped him off at my door last Friday, and said he was out of control, and said they couldn’t deal with him anymore,” says Jerica. Then, she claims, Kim took the boy back after their disagreement.

Kim and Kody say their only concern is for their son’s safety.

In the video above, Dr. Phil watches a recording of Jerica and Kim’s confrontation and responds, “So you two were carrying on like this in front of the child?”

Can these parents get on the same page in regards to parenting their child? Watch the full episode on Thursday.

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