Bryan says he believes that the police in his community hold him responsible for the actions of a police officer with whom he had contact during a “three-day coke binge” 13 years ago. The officer involved reportedly killed his wife, then himself, months after detaining Bryan.

“I think they want payback,” says Bryan of local authorities, claiming that they blame him for pushing the officer “over the edge.”

Bryan says he believes the police, among others, have been watching - and torturing - him with a “secret military technology” and that their ultimate goal is to force him to kill himself. His ex-wife, Fay, says she’s told Bryan “time and time again” that he would never be targeted because he’s “definitely not that special.”

How does Bryan respond when Dr. Phil says, “They surveilled you for 20 years? If they wanted to bury you – why didn’t they do it?”

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