Tony says that when his wife, Debbie, wouldn’t stop talking about seeing alien beings and he says started showing signs of causing harm to herself, he had her admitted to a mental health facility for observation.

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“She was diagnosed with acute schizoaffective,” he claims.

WATCH ‘They Can Do Whatever They Want To You,’ Says Woman Who Claims She’s Been ‘Brain-Mapped’ By Electronic Stalkers

“They want you to look crazy. They want you to get locked up in the looney bin,” says Debbie of the people she claims have electronically harassed, shocked and projected visions of extraterrestrials through her optic nerve for the last three years.

She insists doctors never told her that she was diagnosed with anything.

Debbie says she’s been taking a prescription to help overcome opioid dependency for the past few years. Why does Dr. Phil say it’s possible long term use of the medication could be affecting her brain function?

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Man Whose Wife Claims Stalkers Are Causing Her To See Aliens Says He Fears Their Son Might Start Thinking It’s ‘Normal’