In an episode from February 2022, “United States of Emergency: The Violence Epidemic,” Dr. Phil spoke with everyday citizens, law enforcement, and policymakers to discuss the reported uptick in violent crime across the United States, the rising fears of Americans feeling unsafe, and the movement to “defund the police.”

During that episode, former police officer Aaron Taylor said he left the force after 16 years because he felt like society had changed and turned its back on the police.

“Politicians could have never done the job,” Aaron said. “They’ll tell you how police need reform. They’ll never talk about the culture of violence that police face every single night.”

Thomas Abt, Senior Fellow at the Council on Criminal Justice and expert in violence reduction, said, “Today, the American criminal Justice conversation is you’re either for the police or against the police. Everything that we know about solving this problem is that we have to do it together.”

In January 2022, the Council on Criminal Justice published Saving Lives: Ten Essential Actions Cities Can Take to Reduce Violence Now. Follow the link to read more about how government and community leaders can avoid polarizing political debates and promote peace and safety in their communities.

In Wednesday’s episode, ‘“Danger on My Doorstep': America’s Safety Crisis,” Dr. Phil continues the conversation with Abt, former police officer Taylor, and LAPD Deputy Chief Emada Tingirides.

And later, country music singer Clare Dunn says she is very thankful for law enforcement and “the people who put themselves between us and harm’s way.” Watch Wednesday’s Dr. Phil to hear why she says she disagrees with the “defund the police” movement.

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