Pamela says she’d do anything to protect her three children from their father, Justin, who she claims is abusive and dangerous. She says she’s currently at risk of going to jail for refusing to allow him to have his court-ordered visitation.

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“They’re all lies. I’ve never abused my children,” claims Justin who says he hasn’t had visitation with his children in over five months. He claims Pamela coached their kids to say they are being abused, which she denies.

“The judge took my three children back to his chambers, talked to them, came out, said, ‘Pamela, you are coaching your children.’ Now her only way of revenge is to use the kids as pawns against me.”

“I just want to have a relationship that father and kids are supposed to have,” says Justin, adding “I’ll never be able to get back the time that she stole from me.” Why does Justin claim Pamela is trying to turn their children against him?

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Man Denies Relationship With His Ex Was Abusive; Accuses Her Of Coaching Their Kids