David and Marla claim their son, DJ, is delusional, believing that he’s engaged to the singer, Rihanna, and is the most powerful person in the world.

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“I technically feel like I could run the country if I wanted to,” says the 28-year-old.

Marla, who regularly appears alongside her daughter, Moniece on the VH1 reality series, Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood, says “DJ also believes that he’s producing music for Jay-Z and Beyoncé.”

Additionally, David says DJ claims to be a comedian, a fashion designer, a preacher and a motivational speaker.

“I want to call myself King David,” says DJ. “I’m an inspirational messenger.”

“DJ’s behavior is bizarre,” says Marla. “He’s been filmed walking around the streets in our neighborhood completely nude.”

She claims DJ sometimes walks around the house using vulgar language and having conversations with people who don’t exist. “And the scary part of that is I don't know what those voices are going to instruct him to do.”

David, a successful musician who is often away on tour, says he believes it’s dangerous for Marla to be at home with DJ. “I don’t even feel like his father,” says David. “I feel like there’s a man threatening my wife.” He says they recently put DJ out of the house.

“I’m scared to death of DJ,” says Marla. ‘This has become my worst nightmare.”

What do David and Marla say they believe may have contributed to DJ’s current behaviors?

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