Sara says she believes her boyfriend, Matt, is innocent of charges that he groped a minor six years ago. Matt claims he’s “100 % innocent,” saying: “I absolutely did not molest my ex-wife’s sister.”

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“This has ruined my life,” declares Matt who acknowledges spending two months in jail after his conviction. He says he now has to register as a sex-offender every four months, and that has made it extremely difficult for him to find work.

Meanwhile, Matt says he loves Sara, who he met just two months ago. The couple has told her parents they’re thinking about moving in together, but things are complicated. Sara has a 2-year-old daughter, and as a condition of his status as a registered sex offender, Matt isn’t permitted to be left unsupervised with the child.

Sara’s mother, Anne, says she believes Matt shouldn’t be around her granddaughter at all. She and Sara’s dad are promising to file for custody of the toddler if Sara moves in with him.

Matt says “I want to show Sara’s parents that I’m a good guy and that they can trust me.”

Is it possible Matt may have been wrongfully convicted? Watch the full episode on Monday. Click here to find out where.

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'I Will See Her In Court For Custody Of My Granddaughter,' Says Dad Of Woman Who’s Dating A Convicted Sex Offender