Do harm reduction programs, such as clean needle exchanges and safe consumption sites, enable drug use and associated criminal behaviors, or do they help individuals with drug dependency to stay safer by reducing the risk of infectious disease and death?

“This is about saving lives,” says California State Senator Scott Wiener (D) of the state’s 11th district. “We’re not enabling them. We want them first, not to die, and then we want to connect them to treatment.”

Senator Wiener has been working for several years to pass a bill to make harm reduction programs legal in the state, but a recent measure was vetoed by Governor Gavin Newsom. Tune in to Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Harm Reduction: Safe Space for Addicts to Use,” to find out why the senator says he’ll keep fighting to make harm reduction programs legal.

And later, Dr. Phil talks to a woman who says drugs and homeless encampments are ruining her community.

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WATCH: Former Drug User Says Harm Reduction Programs Helped Save Her Life

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