Mindy claims her mother, Karen, is being catfished by “Thomas,” who has never met her mother in person, but who Mindy says has accepted $10,000 from Karen and doesn’t have any social media, which is a red flag for her. Mindy also says that “Thomas” has canceled every time he and Karen had plans to meet in person and that most of the images he’s sent to her “look Photoshopped.”

In part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “My Mom Is in Love with a Man Who Doesn’t Exist”, Dr. Phil examines the images that “Thomas” has sent to Karen. When he says, “This is clear evidence of Photoshopping,” is Karen convinced the photos have been faked?

And later, has Karen been catfished before? Tune in to “Karen’s Catfish: Will She Believe the Truth” to find out.

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