Teresa admits that over the last five years since her husband died, her life has changed dramatically. She says she has lost more than 100 pounds, dates many men -- some whom she’s met online -- and likes to go out and have a good time.

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“I’ve done my job parenting and raising the children; I believe it’s my time to have fun,” she says. “I’m living my own life; I’m going to do it my way.”

Teresa’s daughters, Charlie and Hannah, and her sister, Debbie, say they are concerned about her behavior. They claim she is promiscuous and drinks to excess, and they fear for her safety.

WATCH: Sisters Claim 59-Year-Old Mom Is ‘Selfish,’ ‘Promiscuous,’ And Likes To ‘Party’

On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil shares what he believes may be driving this mom and grandma’s behavior.

“You spent a lot of time being a caretaker, and when those responsibilities end, then it’s like a huge burden off of you,” Dr. Phil tells Teresa. “There is a sense of freedom, of being set free -- new body, new set of responsibilities much less than before, mentally, emotionally, reality-wise -- I’m telling you what’s going on. This is like teenage rebellion.”

Hear more from Dr. Phil in the video above.

This episode airs Monday. And on Tuesday, does Teresa agree with her daughters’ allegations about her behavior? Check here to see where you can watch.

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