Dan claims his wife, Lorie, is “obsessed” with John, the son she placed for adoption 26 years ago when she was 15. He claims their relationship is “tearing the family apart.” He claims she’s “Totally consumed” with John’s life, leaving him, and their girls feeling “like we’re taking a back seat.”

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Dan claims that John, who moved to the town where they live just six months after meeting Lorie, has “injected” himself into their family, and that Lorie wants John to be included in everything they do. He also claims that Lorie and John are overly-affectionate with one-another; which he says he –and others - find “creepy.”

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Lorie admits she and John hug, kiss and cuddle on the couch, but she adamantly denies there is anything inappropriate about their bond.

But Dan also claims that John sometimes gets violent with Lorie and has physically attacked her at least a dozen times over the past two years.

“If you ask me, this is one adoption reunion that has gone off the rails,” he says.

Lorie acknowledges that John has hit, choked and bit her in the past, as well as having given her a black eye.

When Dr. Phil asks Lorie whether she thinks her husband has a right to be concerned, how does she respond? And later, find out why Lorie says she hid some of the instances of abuse from Dan and their daughters.

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