BillieSue’s adult children, Alex and Hana, say they love their mother, but they’re worried that something is seriously wrong with her. They claim her personality changed after she underwent Ketamine therapy for PTSD, which BillieSue vehemently denies. Alex and Hana also deny BillieSue’s claims that Alex bullied her out of her own home and that Hana nearly got her evicted from her apartment.

“A lot has changed in the last short period of time,” says Alex. He insists he wants his relationship with his mother to “go back to the way it was.”

When Dr. Phil says, “This is what losing each other looks like,” how does BillieSue respond?

And later, can Dr. Phil help BillieSue and her children find a path to mending their relationship?

Tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “Bullied by My Monster Children!” to find out.

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