Danielle and Josh say their 6-year marriage is broken, toxic, and abusive. Danielle claims Josh has cheated on her numerous times, and that he also hits, punches, pushes, and kicks her -- in front of their two young children. Danielle, who is pregnant, says recently, Josh choked her until she thought she was going to die.
Josh says Danielle blames him for everything that goes wrong in their marriage. Josh also claims he’s bipolar, which is what causes him to become physical with Danielle and to cheat on her. 

“You two trigger each other. And, there’s never any excuse for a man putting his hands on a woman in anger for any reason,” Dr. Phil says to the couple. “This relationship is on fire.”
Hear what Dr. Phil tells Danielle and Josh what they each must do to have a chance to save their marriage in the video above.
This episode, "'Mentally Ill or Just Awful? What’s Wrong with Josh?'," airs Monday. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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